About the Company

BCM Group began as "Bayswater Contracting", a family firm in Western Australia in the early 1950s, primarily in the civil works and mining construction business. Under the same family ownership, BCM Group expanded into Ghana in 1990 and thereafter further into Mali, Tanzania, Guinea and Niger. By the year 2000, BCM had established itself as one of the leading mining and civil contractors in Sub-Saharan Africa, an area containing significant mineral wealth. In 2004, BCM became the first Western Style mining contractor in Central Asia and now operates in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The operational subsidiaries within the BCM Group are

  • BCM International Limited
  • BCM Ghana Limited
  • BCM Mali S.A.
  • BCM Guinea S.A.
  • BCM Holdings S.A.
  • BCM Tanzania Ltd.
  • BCM Niger S.A.
  • BCM Burkina Faso S.A.
  • BKM Texnik Servis in Uzbekistan
  • BCM Kaz in Kazakhstan

BCM has operated in Africa for over 20 years. It is one of the most experienced and established mining contractors servicing the West African mining industry. The experience gained in Ghana over the past twenty years by BCM in dealing with local cultural and business practices, workforce management, local business relationships, tax and corporate compliance matters, banking relationships and the myriad of other logistical issues is without doubt one of the cornerstones of the company’s success. This experience is one of the key requirements to facilitate competent operation in Central Asia and African countries and cannot be accumulated in a short period of time. This experience is not represented in the balance sheet of the business, however the value of this as an asset which contributes to the operating results cannot be underestimated.

BCM has an excellent spread of senior management experienced staff who are capable of driving the company to the recently achieved level of contract award. Several of the core expatriate employees have covered the breadth of operational, technical and administrative levels of the company for years. There are 50 expatriate employees and over 600 national employees in Africa and 10 expatriate and over 100 national employees in Central Asia.

BCM Group is well known for its ability to complete projects on schedule and to budget.
The company maintains a mining and civil estimating department capable of working with clients to assess and cost their project requirements.

Our Vision

“To become the leading innovative and professional civil earthmoving and Open Cut Mining Contractor operating in Sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia.”

We plan to achieve this through continued best practice and service to existing client base as well as new entrants to the mining scene in Africa and Central Asia, while customizing solutions for their mining extraction requirement.