Contract miners play an important role in the minerals industry. They supply the skilled workforce and equipment needed to conduct mining operations. The use of contractors enables under-capitalized companies to develop mines more rapidly, cheaply and efficiently than if they had relied on conventional sources of finance. Indeed, conventional financing might not have been economically feasible for many projects with limited reserves and prospectively short mine lives. Contractors can quickly deploy modern equipment and specialist work forces. Smaller mining companies could thus obtain access to economies of scale without making huge investments in capital and labour. For the larger mining companies the use of contractors brings benefits in terms of productivity and plant utilization rates.
Mining companies that use contractors cede control over relevant aspects of the mine's operations, however they cannot contract out or evade their responsibilities.

Choosing a competent and experienced contractor who is health, safety and environment conscious like BCM Group cannot be over emphasized.

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February 05, 2011
Tonkolili Iron Ore Project
The BCM Group is proud to announce the award of two new contracts. One is the Contract Mining Works at the Tonkolili Iron Ore Project in Sierra Leone. This contract was a

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